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3 Big Blunders Homeowners Make When Overhauling Their Home Exterior

  • Adam Christie

    3 years ago
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Overexposure of the elements can take away the charm of your property. To enhance their curb appeal, homeowners renovate the exteriors of their home; however, not all of them understand how to go about it.

Here are some of the big blunders homeowners make when redoing their homes:

Undershoot Their Budget

Redoing the exteriors of your house is a costly endeavour so be prepared to loosen up your purse strings.

To get the most out of your renovation project, you’ll have to invest in the best materials so your expenses will add up. As tempting as it maybe to cut corners, think about what will be best for your house in the long-run.

Choose materials that will protect your home and enhance curb appeal at the same time. Fixing the damage once and for all is much better than continuously paying for repairs.

When you do decide to renovate the exteriors of your home, give your budget a cushion of 15% so you’re prepared to handle unexpected costs.

Forgetting the Door

When doing the exteriors of their home, people often forget about the door. No matter what colour you paint your exterior walls and how much money you put into landscaping, an old worn out door will compromise the aesthetics.

If you’ve invested money in renovating the entire outdoor area of your house, you shouldn’t forget about your door.

Find a door that complements the architecture style of your home; the same goes for your garage doors too.

Image showing acrylic rendering

Undermining the Importance of Rendering

Regardless of what the advertisements for paint companies say, paint has a few functional properties. It’s used primarily for decorative purposes. It does little to protect you from the elements. Harsh temperatures and rain easily damage the walls of your home. Not only will it affect the appearance of your wall, but it can also affect its strength.

Rendering is needed to protect your exterior walls from damage, enhance your house’s aesthetic appeal and to help regulate the temperature of your home.

You can choose from different types of rendering depending on your specific needs. Cement rendering and acrylic rendering are the most popular types of rendering. Homeowners will have to choose a material based on its properties.

Don’t know what material is right for you? Get in touch with the professionals at House Rendering HQ. We offer house rendering services in Adelaide. Contact us for commercial rendering, residential rendering, cement rendering and acrylic rendering.

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