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4 Exterior Paint Colours to Help Sell Your House

  • Adam Christie

    9 months ago
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There’s no denying the importance of choosing the right colour for your home’s exterior. Research has shown that your choice of colour reflects your personality. This, in turn, can help you attract or revert buyers who may be interested in buying a house.

So, how do you decide what colour palette to choose for your home’s exterior when you’re trying to sell it? Here are a few ideas.

Putty & Taupe Colours

These will blend right in with the natural surroundings in your neighbourhood, making them a great choice for exterior surfaces. When combined with white trims and gray hues, they stand out even more and serve as the perfect colour combination that’s bound to attract more buyers. You can also balance this colour scheme with the stone used on your walkways, walls, and other parts of the property.


It isn’t exactly white, but it isn’t quite yellow either. The warm and clean look you get from using a wheat-coloured palette for your exterior is unlike any other combination you’ll see. This can be contrasted with gray-blues and darker shades of browns for the perfect accented look.

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An all-time classic, beige is definitely a safe option for your home’s exterior. In fact, it’s one of the most popular choices used by homeowners, especially if they’re planning on selling their home. A light beige or cream coloured exterior is the perfect neutral tone you could opt for, especially if you have an outdoor garden space as well. It will highlight the greens in your lawn, while also giving your home a clean look.

Pair a beige paint colour with an accented trim and you’re in for a treat. The colour scheme works particularly well with deep blue hues, giving your exterior surfaces just the pop of colour they need to stand out.

Yellow & Brown

This isn’t your typical colour combination, but it’s perfect if your house is located anywhere on the beach. The yellowness of the exterior will give it just the right dosage of warmth and cheeriness, while an accented brown will finish off the whole look rather nicely. Be sure to attract lots of buyers because of the bright and sunny vibes your house gives off!

Render Your Home

If you don’t want to paint off your home entirely, then you can always opt for wall rendering services to get a smoother finish for your home. Or, you can get a paint job done alongside the home rendering.

House Rendering HQ has been providing quality house rendering services to Adelaide homeowners for several years. We specialize in acrylic rendering as well as cement rendering. While our services are quite affordable. We also offer financing solutions to make your home renovation project go just the way you’d want and help sell your home easily.

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