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5 Inexpensive Ways to Add Charm to Your Home Exterior

5 Inexpensive Ways to Add Charm to Your Home Exterior

  • Adam Christie

    9 months ago
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When re-modelling or renovating your home, don’t forget to add improvements to the exterior of your home. Increasing curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive; a few important tips and tricks can get the job done just as easily.

Here are a few ways you can make that happen for your home.

Home Exterior – Spice up the entrance

The entrance is the first thing visitors see. While it should be visually appealing, the design can also be functional. For example, a covered entrance can do wonders for your home. It can provide necessary shade, add definition to the entrance and can be used as an outdoor seating area.

Image showing home exterior

Replace your front door

The front door can add a lot of character to your home. The kind of door you have reflects on the general aesthetic you want and the overall vibe you want to emit. A wooden door is classy and timeless. A glass door adds a different dimension to your porch. Your front door should be unique but complement the rest of your house. Instead of letting it blend in, make it pop!

Work on your lawn

A well-maintained lawn can add a pop of colour to the area surrounding your house. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the grass has been trimmed. Get rid of weeds and plant more flowers that are indigenous to the region. You can also plant herbs and vegetables that can be useful for you as well.

Clean out those gutters

The devil is in the details, and maybe in the gutters too. A lot of people might brush this aside, but cleaning the gutters and getting rid of debris can improve the outlook of your home. You can clean them on the outside as well if you really want the overall look to be more polished. The result will be worth all the scrubbing!

Home exterior - house renderings adelaide

Rendering  – Home Exterior

While most of the things we’ve mentioned so far can be DIY-ed, rendering is something you need a professional to do. Not only does it make your house look better it can also prevent risks of weather damage.

Rendering can be done in a number of ways, depending on the type of house you have and your budget. The most common is cement rendering, and it can last you a much longer time as well. Those who have brick exteriors can opt for acrylic rendering.

To find out about other kinds of rendering that you can do to your home exterior and for more home rendering adelaide services, contact House Rendering HQ and Book your Free Quote Here!

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