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Don’t Leave Your Neighbours Out When Planning a Home Rendering Project

  • Adam Christie

    3 years ago
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Planning a home rendering project can always be a bit tricky. You need to accurately budget for it, find the right contractor, locate a good supplier, and plan for any off days that you might need to take from work to ensure your availability for the project.

But there’s one more thing that you need to take care of before starting the building work:

You need to inform your neighbours about the project and make necessary arrangements so that no inconvenience is caused to them.

Rendering Works Are Going to Be a Nuisance for Your Neighbours

It will be noisy out there at times, which is something your neighbours obviously won’t like. However, you can overcome this problem by instructing your contractor to start early in the day when your neighbours will be off to work.

Image showing home rendering

By the time your neighbours get back home, the work for the day will already be wrapped up, and they won’t have to face the troubling noises of hammers, drills and other construction tools.

Additionally, there will be some mess and dust as well, which can be a problem for your neighbours, especially if you live in close quarters with them.

Insulation off cuts, cladding rip offs and cement dust are a common occurrence in rendering projects. These materials tend to easily disintegrate and spread around. They can litter your neighbourhood and cause a lot of inconvenience for your neighbours.

You must, therefore, instruct your contractor to take precautions to protect areas surrounding your house from the rendering debris.

While the remodelling work is going on, it’s also quite possible that parking may become difficult. This could especially be the case if you and your neighbour share a common driveway.

Your contractor and his team will park their vans, leaving less or no space for your neighbours to park their vehicles.

Warn you neighbours about this in advance.

Home Rendering – Talking to Neighbours

Now, we completely understand why you may feel reluctant approaching your neighbours to discuss how the next few weeks could be a little troublesome for them. But if you’re on good terms with your them, this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Ask your contractor about how long the rendering project is expected to last and communicate the timeline with your neighbours.

We wish you all the best with your rendering project.

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