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Finance My Renovation

  • Adam Christie

    5 years ago
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Home renovations and rendering can significantly improve the look and overall value of your home. There are numerous factors to be considered when opting for house rendering, one of the main factors in getting the renovation finance. Making the right choice can save you thousands of dollars while making a bad one can add to your misery. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the finance options that are available to homeowners in Adelaide.

Financing Options for House Rendering

The typical homeowner can spend years saving for a renovation or house rendering. On the other hand, taking advantage of the many finance options that are available to residents of Adelaide is a faster way of giving the exterior of your home a new look, without having to break the bank or wait too long. So, here are some of the options:

Refinancing a Mortgage

For homeowners who like to keep track of their home loan from time to time, refinancing may sound like a good option for funding your house rendering project. Homeowners are able to refinance their mortgage to scope for the best deals in the market in order to find, refinancing options that offer the lowest interest rates and the features that will be beneficial to the homeowner.

While this is a good option for homeowners, it usually takes a lot of time to find the perfect deal. Another reason why refinancing a mortgage is not preferred by many homeowners is because of the many fees that are involved to settle the refinance deal.

Home Equity Loans

Taking out a home equity loan is one of the options when trying to finance a house rendering project. A home equity loan is the preferred option for large-scale home renovation projects, mainly because banks allow the homeowner to borrow up to 80% of the value of their home to carry out the renovations.

A home equity loan also normally has a much lower interest rate as compared to other loan options available in Australia.

The only downside of going with a home equity loan is that these are large loans, meaning the borrower will need to bear increased payments for longer repayment tenures.

A home equity loan will also not be a good idea for those homeowners and investors who are not looking to carry out extensive renovations on their property.

Take Out a Personal Loan

While looking for an external house rendering, homeowners and investors can also turn towards private lending institutions. These lending institutions offer a variety of personal loan options, making them one of the most cost-effective options for minor or extensive renovations around the home.

While the terms of repaying personal loans are usually up to seven years, which is more than enough time for homeowners to repay their personal loans, the only downside is the significantly higher interest rates.

Before choosing this option, homeowners should take into account all of the dues and the complex procedure of taking out a personal loan. Go ahead, use this calculator to get an indicative rate and predict loan payments to transform the exterior of your home:

Credit Cards

For homeowners who are looking to go the DIY route for house rendering, swiping their credit cards might seem to be another option to finance the house rendering project.

There are a few reasons why homeowners should stay clear from this option. For starters, external house rendering is not a simple task and takes years of experience and skill to get right.

This is where professional rendering services such as House Rendering HQ shines. Besides that, using your credit cards to pay for the rendering of your home is not going to be a good idea since it can easily max out your credit card limit, leading to penalties.

Homeowners could also end up having to pay higher interest rates if they’ve got bad credit history. From there, your troubles are only going to increase. But, there is an easy way out of the hassle of financing a house rendering project.

Why Choose House Rendering HQ?

When it comes to external house rendering, there’s a good reason why many homeowners in Adelaide, South Australia opt for the professional services of House Rendering HQ.

One of the reasons why homeowners who want to give their home a fresh new look or investors looking to put their property on the market choose to render their home is because it gives their property a much-needed facelift can easily make the exterior of your home look brand new while adding to its resale value.

But, that’s not the only reason why homeowners and investors turn to House Rendering HQ. The company has built a reputation for providing premium quality rendering along with affordable financing options that are simply unmatched.

Considering the Options

Once you have decided on front house rendering, a consultant will inspect the exterior of your property and will provide you with all the information you need regarding the various financing options that are available for homeowners.

This makes it easier for homeowners or investors who want to give the exterior of their home a facelift but are in a financial situation. To take advantage of the many affordable financing packages offered to residents of Adelaide, South Australia.

By hiring an experienced and professional rendering company such as House Rendering HQ in Adelaide, homeowners and investors can rest assured knowing that the financing of their rendering project is being taken care of by the best in the business.

Saves You Time and Money

One of the advantages of hiring the professionals is that you don’t just get amazing financing options that take care of the cost that will go into rendering the front of your house, but they also take care of all the paperwork that goes into getting your home rendered.

By taking away the need of having to deal with the complicated paperwork for financing a front house rendering from a bank or financial institution, homeowners can expect a smooth process while getting your house rendered in Adelaide.  Book your Free Quote Here!



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