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Choosing the Right Paint to Freshen Up Your Old Rendered Home

  • Adam Christie

    3 years ago
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Renders make for perfect wall coatings for exterior walls. They make your walls look brighter and better, provide them excellent waterproofing and fireproofing efficiencies, and improve their thermal performance.

However, renders are not completely infallible.

Over time, renders can catch up dirt and grime and lose their shine and glory. That’s when they need to be freshened up with a new paint job.

But how do you ensure the paint that you’re using on your old rendered house walls is suitable for the purpose?

Choosing the right paint for your rendered home

They first thing you need to look at is the thickness of the paint.

Thickness equals protection.

When painting your rendered walls, you should use a thick paint. This will ensure longer protection for your render system.

Paints that are at least 150 microns thick are best for repainting.

Image showing wall rendering

Next, you need to look at the crack-bridging ability of the paint.

Crack bridging refers to the ability of paints to accommodate and rectify minor cracks that may develop over a wall’s surface.

Choosing paint that offers good crack-bridging performance is crucial to maintaining the long-term health of your rendered walls.

The paint’s water repellency also matters.

A water-repelling paint will protect your wall rendering against delamination, cracking and other forms of water damage.

Likewise, mould and dirt resistance should also be factored into consideration when choosing paint for re-painting your old rendered house walls.

Finally, the paint should match the colour of your render system to provide a uniform, seamless finish to your home’s exterior walls.

Prepping your wall rendering for the paint job

Image showing wall rendering adelaide

Although, it’s recommended to hire a professional to repaint your old rendered walls, you can also paint the walls on your own if that’s what you find more convenient.

Before starting with the paint job, make sure to wash the render to get rid of any grime and dirt. If there are any cracks in the render system, seal them first. Cover door and window frames with tape to protect them from the paint.

We wish you all the best with your remodelling project. As always, if you need any help, you can feel free to reach out to us.

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