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Cheap Wall Rendering in Adelaide

Walls don’t last forever. Perhaps you’re beginning to realize this already. A time will come when your walls will lose their tenacity. It will begin to wear and tear, it won’t look as nice anymore, and it can seriously jeopardize your property and the safety of everyone residing inside.

Rendering walls does more than make walls look prettier: wall rendering is your one-way ticket to strengthening a wall, to ensuring that the durability of your property is long-living, and to boost your property value. Nobody likes crumbling, flaky walls—they look bad, weak, and dangerous.

House Rendering HQ offers among its many services wall rendering, which can be had for a small-scale project or for a certain portion of your house; or it can be availed for the entire house at large. We also work across residential, commercial, industrial, corporate arenas, and more. Our team can bring a much-needed boost to your property by making your walls look brighter and better.

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We use a mixture of various aggregates in addition to cement and sand to do this. The mixture is slathered on to walls externally, in layers. Wall rendering is a modern-day alternative for cladding or traditional brickwork—and it’s less time-consuming, less expensive, and less labour-intensive.

By rendering your walls, we ensure that your house is properly insulated, that your energy bills are reduced (the thicker walls trap heat, thereby eliminating the need to use air conditioning constantly, thereby reducing electricity bills and carbon emissions), and that the aesthetic beauty of your house is returned to you again.

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Additionally, external wall insulation improves thermal performance and adds a further layer of protection to your property. We ensure that we’ve inspected your walls before we come up with the mixture that will be used for rendering, since different walls can require different renders at times.

The process of rendering exterior walls is almost the same as that of plastering interior walls. We inspect the work after every coating that we put on and ensure that no mistake has been made. The final product is a great-looking house/building exterior with walls that are sure to draw attention.

With the help of wall rendering, you can single-handedly improve the look of your house, boost your property value, add aesthetic elements to the building, go the eco-friendly route, and do so much more while you’re at it.

rendered houses

Our rendering is incredibly smooth, and we ensure that there’s no danger of cracks or shrinking once the job has been done. The walls that we have rendered previously in Adelaide, SA, have kept up for many years, and the optimal half-life of walls rendered by is anywhere between 7 and 15 years. Rendering is a particularly good idea if you’re going for home renovation specifically for the sake of auctioning or selling your house. A house with rendered exteriors walls will always draw attention.

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