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A Brief Guide to House Rendering

  • Adam Christie

    4 years ago
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Rendering and plastering are often confused. Although they both involve coating and protecting walls, there is a difference between them.

Plastering refers to coating interiors walls and rendering the coating of the outside walls. The key distinction between rendering and plastering is the difference in materials that are used. The materials used rendering are significantly stronger than those used in plastering. These materials include cement, acrylic, sand, lime gypsum, and water.

Let’s take a look at the difference between rendering and plastering:


Plastering doesn’t use as much cement as rendering. It’s used to coat the walls on the inside of a building along with the ceiling. It needs to be laid down smoothly to allow installation of wallpaper and paint.

The plaster needs to be set and dried before being painted or decorated with wallpaper.

House Rendering

House rendering

Rendering is the coating of the exterior walls of buildings. The coated material consists primarily of cement and acrylics with a composition.

The purpose of rendering isn’t just to enhance the aesthetics of the building from the outside but to also add fire-resistance and waterproofing properties.

Rendering consists of a composition made up of various materials such as acrylic, lime gypsum, cement and sand. These substances are combined with bonding agents, dying additives as well as coloring. Each material in the composite has a unique purpose. For example, lime gypsum gives the coating a smooth, creamy finish. On the other hand, compositions with sand, have a more textured finish.

Rendering is layered on top of extended walls. It is applied with a trowel and finished using various tools that will give you the results you desire. You can choose to have either flat finish, smooth, textured or a patterned appearance.

Rendering should be carried out by a reliable plasterer. At House Rendering HQ, we have a team of skilled plasterers that are committed to giving our clients the results they desire. We fully understand how our rendering services can boost the curb appeal of your home and increase property value.

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