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10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal

  • Adam Christie

    2 years ago
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Curb appeal is defined at the aesthetic charm of a house when first seen. Homeowners can spend even their arms and legs on the interior of their home to make it look beautiful before a sale, but it wouldn’t help much if no attention were paid to the exterior of the home.

That’s because the exterior is the first thing that a potential buyer sees before they even walk into a home. Here we are going to go through a few ways in which you can increase the curb appeal of home regardless of whether or not you are looking to sell your property shortly.

Spruce Up the Front Door

The front door is another essential part of the home and will be the main focal point of the curb appeal of your home. You can make a style statement with the colour you choose for your front door.

Whether it’s adding a blast of colour or going with a wood door, you will need to make sure the door’s appearance, including the door fixtures, are decent and can reflect your style, and should be considered while rendering a house.

Rendering the Exterior Wall

As mentioned, it wouldn’t matter even if you spent a small fortune improving the interior of your home, or renovating the kitchen, if you have not developed the exterior of your home first. For obvious reasons, the exterior of a home is the first thing a potential home buyer is going to consider.

There are many homes across Adelaide, South Australia that is made of old brickwork that’s long since faded and eroded with time, even the harsh sun takes its toll on the brickwork or cement exterior of a home, which is why the exterior of a home oftentimes needs to be given a face-lift at least every few years.

Investing in rendering your house will prove to be a wise decision.

Rendering the exterior of your home will protect it from the winter’s cold and the rays of the sun during those long summer months.

By protecting your home from the elements, a rendering can keep it from getting cracks and damage due to exposure to the elements and is one of the first things a homeowner should consider when planning to renovate their home.

Go for Symmetry

It is true that symmetry doesn’t just look good for the interior of your home, but can also do wonders for its exterior as well. When you are considering rendered house designs, try to find one that will improve the overall symmetry of your property.

The reason why one should always pay attention to the symmetry of their home’s exterior is that it is incredibly pleasing to the eyes, and will bode well with a potential homeowner if you happen to be selling your property. It’s essential to create a welcoming entryway to your home to boost its curb appeal.

Outdoor Lighting

If your home doesn’t have outdoor lighting already, its time, you invested in a few to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home. Investing in low-voltage exterior lighting can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal while providing you and your family with added security after dark.

Using various lighting fixtures can add accent lighting to a home and can illuminate the landscaping, walkway or boost the appearance to the rendering that was just carried out on the external wall of a home.

Installing solar fixtures are also great options when it comes to outdoor lighting for a home.

Keep a Well Maintained Garden

If you have a garden, then hire a gardener who will regularly maintain the garden, or you can go the DIY approach to create a welcoming and colourful appeal to the front of your home.

Ready-made garden ornaments, landscaping and pretty flower arrangements can create a dynamic look for the exterior of your home, and can significantly improve the house rendering.

Don’t Forget the Fence Panels

Garden gates and the decorative fence along the boundaries of your property need to be well kept to add value along with curb appeal of the property.

The good news is, fence panels and garden gates can be easily found and are affordable. If you wish to give your home the ultimate makeover then going for a house rendering service along with adding decorative fixtures and fence panels to your home can easily give it a new and improved look.

The Railings

While you’re at it, pay attention to the front porch as well. Stoop railings are often the first to deteriorate over time. If you can see that the railings are past their prime, then investing in quality metal or wood railings to replace your existing ones can quickly improve the curb appeal of any home.

Besides, having railings that are not rusted or broken looks cleaner, not to mention being safer as well. There’s an abundance in railing designs and colours from which to choose from to improve the appearance of your front porch.

Create a Grand Entry

The good news is, nowadays, even with a limited budget it is possible to create a grand entry for your home. This will require getting the best house rendering service in town to improve the old brickwork exterior look of your home.

An exterior home rendering service will get you access to the best acrylic or cement renders so you can create a new look for the exterior of your home without having to go over your budget.

The best part about hiring professional rendering services such as House Rendering HQ in Adelaide is they offer multiple financing options that take care of all your rendering needs.  If the thought of renovating is daunting why not check our renovate or relocate.

Gutters and Downspouts

One area that usually gets ignored when it comes to home renovations are the gutters and downspouts. Older gutter systems can get rusty with time, which is seen as an indicator of neglect.

There are many options on how to replace the gutters and downspouts, from snap-fitting vinyl gutter systems to professional fitters, replacing an old system can quickly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Giving Your Wall a New Coat of Paint

Improving the curb appeal of your home often means painting the exterior walls. But, before you do that there’s something important to consider.

The paint you plan to may start to peel if the exterior of the wall has not been rendered. That’s because the surface of your existing wall, whether it’s made of cement or brickwork, maybe cracked.

To get better results, it’s always advised to invest in exterior home rendering, which can then be painted on with the colour of your choice. Rendering your home will not only make the paint look better, but will make it last longer.

If you are looking for house rendering in Adelaide, then get in touch with House Rendering HQ, the premier rendering service provider in town.  Book your Free Quote Here!

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